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In just 3 years we have grown to one of the largest sports betting services in the world with over 3000 members. Each member gets simple yet powerful cloud hosted bankroll management tool, full in depth tutorials covering every aspect of our platform. And most importantly, betting tips from our partner, the world's most profitable sports tipster for over 2 years running.


All UFC tips are emailed to members before the event begins

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Betting Tips

We are partnered with the highest rated UFC tipster in the world, all of these betting tips will be emailed directly to you during your subscription.

Cloud Hosted

Our bankroll management tool is cloud hosted & powered by google. Access it from any browser on any device.

Proven & Tracked

All of our betting tips are tracked and will be continuously. We started in 2018, you can view all of our previous tips here.

Consistent Profits

We have the most consistent profits of any betting service in the world, with our largest downswing ever not even hitting double digit units. This is unheard of in the sports betting industry.

Video Tutorials

A full series of video tutorials are instantly available in our video library covering every aspect of betting & using our bankroll tool. No prior knowledge is needed.


We have built our trust by being transparent. All of our bets are 3rd party tracked, meaning we can't lie about our results. Our members stick with us, with 93% of all new members continuing their memberships for 6 months or more.

Ultimate Betting Manager

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Our Software Features

As an Ultimate Betting Manager member you will always have access to your own account which has your cloud hosted betting sheet embedded on your account page when you login. This tool not only keeps track of your bets you place but shows you how to take control of your bankroll. By sticking to a percentage stake across all your bets, as long as you follow long term profitable betting tips then you can't go wrong.


You will need starting capital, much like any other investment. But unlike other investments, you can start much smaller with UBM, as profits grow faster than any other investment.


As each person has a different sized bankroll, the term 'units' are used to make it easier for everyone to bet the right amount. Simple put, a 'unit' is 1% of your bankroll. It's that simple.


If you are unfamiliar with betting, don't worry, our tutorials cover absolutely everything you need to know.


Even the most experienced bettors will benefit from our tutorials, offering tips & tricks to get the most out of your money.

Bet Calculator

Simple, but making life easier, our tool comes with a bet calculator to save you time.

Compounded Interest

Compounding interest is the single most effective thing any investor can utilize. Warren Buffet credits compounding interest as being the single most powerful factor behind his success. We talk about it in detail & explain how it is applied to sports betting.


Top Betting Sites

lil writeup about having an account on each incase one offers better odds one week, which sites better for which sport etc..





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Frequently Ask Questions

What is Ultimate Betting Manager?

We provide the tools and information you need in order to profit from sports betting. We offer cloud hosted tracking sheets which (if used correctly) can assist you to make money on sports betting. We are also partnered with the worlds highest rated ufc / mma tipster and so these tips are provided to our members direct to their email accounts.

NO. We do not manage your funds. We just host a service and provide sports tips. You are in control of your own money. We advise what to bet on and what percentage of your bankroll you should be betting in order to profit long term.

We have covered absolutely everything for our members in our video tutorials, these are accessible once you are a member and you login. These videos cover everything from understanding a bet to placing a bet and also how to use our software for your own benefit.

It is completely up to you. We do recommend starting with $250. Why? On average you can expect to make 3 units in a month. At our advised 5% stakes this would mean making around $37.50 first month. With our subscribers monthly cost being $29 then this ensures you are in profit from the start and you can continue to grow your bankroll.

Join over 3,000 people profiting on sports betting with us

The all in one betting experience including sports tips from the most profitable tipsters on the internet and our very own software to utilise and grow your bankrolls. Full tutorial packages included to guide you through the whole process.


All UFC tips are emailed to members before the event begins

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